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We code dreams into reality!

Redko means Rare in slavic languages. We embrace unique innovations to help individuals and entrepreneurs in all our projects. 

Redko's mission to to code people's dream products into life and help businesses become better. 

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Redko's Story

My name is Anya Ozmen, I’m a young tech entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. I hope my story inspires other young female entrepreneurs. I know that there is a major discrepancy in male to female ratio in technology and leadership. As a founder of a LA based Development Agency, I feel like it’s my responsibility to tell other young aspiring entrepreneurs and future CEOs that if I did it with no help and my own life savings, they can do it too. When I moved to the US about 5-6 years ago for college, it was my first time being here. I was on my own and knew no one. I had a partial scholarship and graduated with 2 degrees. I was very interested in artificial intelligence and my last years of college, I self taught myself how to code machine learning algorithms and worked at different startups as a data scientist. Out of college, it was very difficult looking for a job while waiting for my work visa. I would bust my butt go to interviews and get some great data science position offers. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to accept them because I had to wait for my work visa. Then finally after getting my visa at the end of summer, I got a senior data science position offer and a junior offer. I picked a company and started working. I worked for about a year, learned and got to experience a lot for my age.  


During the quarantine due to some unfortunate events, I decided to put all my life savings at risk and start my own business. My company Redko (means rare in slavic languages) was like my baby that I had to grow during the quarantine, away from my family with little to no help from anyone. It was a challenging time but I now believe in myself because of how I was able to work through the tough times. Redko has an amazing team of almost 20 US based team players that have very interesting backgrounds and talents. We build apps and software for over 25 clients and we also build our own apps. 


I grew up watching my father invest in stocks and stock market has always been a passion of mine. My dream was to build an AI roboadvisor. It’s very hard for the 99% to get help from financial advisors or have their assets, earnings managed to increase them. To use a hedge fund portfolio manager you need an average of 5 million dollars of  liquid assets, meaning you need 5 Million cash on average for someone to take your money and invest it for you. Statistics say that 80% of people report losses in the stock market. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest reasons is missing the right time and price to sell or buy. People who have 9-5 jobs don’t have time to constantly watch the market. It’s both emotionally draining and time consuming. Redko’s first investment app Redvest has a mission to bring an opportunity to have anyone automate their trades easily. We also offer a stock market simulator just in case you want to learn how to invest with “play” money before you start trading. On our app, you can both buy and sell stocks easily and automate with popular strategies like value, growth investing and we even have a Reddit trend trader. 4 steps to automate, you pick how much you want to invest, what stocks and trading frequency, and a strategy. Redvest will buy and sell for you till you cancel. We also have an option to help risk manage with stop loss. Everything is for now completely free. I care about making asset management accessible to everyone. Anyone should be able to automate their trades and save time. This is a very untapped field in the financial market. 


This is my story. I know a lot of people can get discouraged from starting their own business because of various reasons from being afraid they will not be taken seriously because of their age or gender, or they simply don’t have enough money to invest. My story is a huge proof that if you set your mind to something you can accomplish anything. I feared so deeply not making enough to pay for rent but at the end I am so thankful to say that I didn’t have one month I didn’t match my old salary. I know everyone is different but with hard work nothing is stopping them. We need more girl programmers in tech! I was the only women programmer at almost all my interviews. I hope soon I will be seeing more girls understanding that they are smart enough to program life changing applications and software. My goal/dream is to soon see more females understand their true potential and show them they can program applications and software that can make an impact in the world. 


I would really appreciate it and love to see a story like mine told on your new channel. I would mean the world to me, if even one aspiring entrepreneur saw it and felt the courage to take action. 

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