Wine Date


The Idea of First Round's On Me (FROME) because of his desire to see people connect and meet each other the old-fashioned way, face-to-face. Utilizing the simplicity of the digital world to make it easy for people to set up a time and meet, we take on the challenge to make FROME a revolutionary app.


It's an App!

The app is designed to bring back real dating! The light background and simple features purposefully created to encourage people to spend less time digitally, be more confident in themselves, and make them meet face-to-face faster.

Classy Look 

FROME's team approached us with an idea to make a dating platform that focuses more on bringing people together on a real date rather than spending a lot of time interacting digitally. We decided that a mobile application with monochromatic colors and simple icons will promote the intention with a classy vibe


It's A Date!

FROME is live and running with all the available features. Discover how easy it is to meet new people with this simple app!

Technologies Used


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