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About Us

We code dreams into reality!

Redko means Rare in slavic languages. We embrace unique innovations to help individuals and entrepreneurs in all our projects. 

Redko's mission to to code people's dream products into life and help businesses become better. 

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Redko's Story

Anya Ozmen, a young tech entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, hopes to inspire other young female entrepreneurs with her story. Recognizing the gender disparity in technology and leadership roles, Anya feels a sense of responsibility as the founder of a development agency in LA to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and future CEOs. Despite moving to the US alone for college, with no family, she persevered and graduated with two degrees while nurturing her passion for artificial intelligence and self-teaching herself coding and machine learning algorithms during her years of college.

After college, Anya faced challenges in securing a job due to the waiting period for her work visa. However, she eventually obtained a senior data science position, where she gained valuable experience and knowledge at a young age. During the quarantine period, she took a significant risk by utilizing her life savings to start her own business, Redko. Despite being away from her family and receiving minimal assistance, Anya grew Redko with determination and resilience. The company now boasts an impressive team of nearly 20 US-based individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents, developing apps and software for over 25 clients while also working on their own projects.

Anya's passion for the stock market, influenced by her father's finance background, led her to pursue her dream of building an AI roboadvisor. She recognized the challenges faced by the majority who lack access to financial advisors or asset management opportunities. To address this, Redko's first investment app, Redvest, aims to make automated trading accessible to anyone. Redvest offers users the ability to buy and sell stocks easily, automate trades with various strategies, and even provides a stock market simulator for learning purposes. With Redvest, individuals can automate their trades and save time, making asset management more inclusive.

Anya's journey serves as proof that determination and hard work can overcome various obstacles that aspiring entrepreneurs face, including concerns about age, gender bias, or financial limitations. She encourages more women to enter the tech field and believes they have the potential to develop life-changing applications and software. Her mission in life is to code dreams into reality!

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