Securing your future made easy with an investing app that combines risk-free, gamified paper trading feature and AI trading strategies

Product Features:

1. Paper Trading - Gamified learning experience platform perfect for new traders

2. AI automated trading strategies - Technical strategies automated with AI to make trading easier and simpler

3. Custom AI trading strategy - Personalize your AI automated trading strategy based on your unique profile and ways of trading.

4. Commission free

5. Margin and short selling

6. Profit Automations, you sit back and relax

7. Strategies featured based on indicators

8Two brokerage options - TDAmeritrade and Alpaca

Gaming Vibes

Gamified paper trading is one of the main features of RedVest. It is a feature that allows the users to learn how the trading strategies work using "play" RedVest Dollars. The app also has features that resembles a gaming app like earning coins through log ins and unlocking new strategies with accomplishments. It's only right that we create an appropriate atmosphere with dollar and coin icons, as well as some animations for that stress-free gaming vibes.

iPhone 12 Pro Max.png
iPhone 12 Pro Max-1.png

Clean Look

Going away from the paper trading feature, RedVest also provides a legitimate investing experience for both beginners and professionals alike. With AI automated trading strategies and simple steps to invest, we decided to complement them with a clean look with a dark background with as little distracting details as possible. 

Technologies Used


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