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All In One App

Lunaris is here Daily guided mindfulness and manifestation meditations by AI, Luna! Relieve stress with meditations and attract what your goals with law of attraction.

Redko's CEO, Anya lives a very busy and successful life. To keep everything under control, she goes to meditating and practicing mindfulness exercise as a tool to recharge and refresh herself. After looking at the several apps needed for her to do all the practices, Anya came up with an idea to combine them in an app. 

Keeping it simple 

Being simple is key to the overall design of the app. This is because there are several features being highlighted on the app, and we had to think on how to balance them while creating the appropriate atmosphere as to not overwhelm the users. 

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iPhone 12 _ 12 Pro.png

Refresh Yourself With Lunaris

We decided kept a dark color theme and add a spiritual touch with the help of the AI guide, Luna. We kept a simple step by step process of the features and also made Luna came alive with a chatbot feature. The app is perfect for people who are looking to practice a structured mindfulness and meditation without having to use too many app.

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